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All packages come with your edited digital images on disc/usb


These packages are not set in stone we can change them up,

add bits and take bits away to suit you. 




Single Session £180

Some people only feel the need to have a big blow out maternity shoot with their partners, other children,lots of props and bump love. 

This is that session, documenting your midrift in a style that suits you. 

We can tailor the shoot to be gender specific, cover both genders or just be a celebration of your growing silhouette.


Gender/Pregnancy reveal £75

This is a short session that can include your other children, partner or family pet. Its getting more and more common to reveal your pregnancy or the baby's gender in a fun and creative way.

We can get really creative and cute with this. Get in touch so we can discuss a plan. 




Growing bump £395

This package includes 4 sessions for you and your growing bump. This makes a wonderful present for a mum to be.

We normally start the sessions from 20 weeks and can do them in weekly intervals to suit you. 

One session will be a 'Single sessionwhere we get a chance to get the rest of the family involved, be that extra children pets or just your partner for more bump fun. 

The sessions in-between will be shorter, we can document how far along you are and other fun bump facts, for instance if you had a craving for ice cream that week, and how big the baby is in regards to fruit and veg etc.


With this package you will also receive a bespoke photo album showcasing all our sessions together and your usb stick in a rustic one off presentation box.



Growing Bump + Newborn Session £545

This has everything the Growing Bump package involves 

plus a session when the baby is born. Tying everything nicely together.











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